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Welcome to Iceland

Your personalized adventure

From glaciers to volcanoes, midnight sun to northern lights, unwinding in a hot spring to swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean. We will make sure you make a memory or two.  


When it comes to travel, we know each person is unique, with different needs and different desires.  Therefor we personalize, custom-made travel packages for each and every traveler to ensure that you have the time of your life when visiting this beautiful and mesmerizing island in the north.

Don't miss out! Iceland is vast, and for every top attraction there are countless hidden gems nestled away in the countryside. See what this incredible country has to offer on our 'Get inspired' site, or reach out now and we will handcraft your unique experience. Your once in a lifetime adventure to the land of ice and fire. 



Unique experience

Whats the opposite of your day to day?
Lets do that!

Be adventures and step into the unknown, with our help we will make sure you will have the time of your life and you will see a world like no other.

Our fantasy became a reality

"We chose Iceland as our honeymoon destination because we were looking for something different. We had always heard about hot springs and volcanos but never imagined what it would be like to actually be there! Walking through lava tunnels, hovering over volcanos, swimming in hot water surrounded by snow and freezing weather… it is the most incredible and surreal experience ever. Our fantasy became a reality and it definitely won’t be our last visit!"

Jamal and Sara 
December Honeymoon

Image by Norris Niman

In to the unknown

Venture to the depths of nature, who knows what you may find.

Icelanders barely see the sun during the winter months but the light from the beautiful Northern lights, dancing in the sky, always takes your breath away and during the summertime the sun never sets, with 24 hour daylight in Iceland, bringing incredible energy to everyone that experiences it

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