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Once in a lifetime,
every time.

Experience Iceland's unique attractions. With four distinct season throughout the year, she changes her appearance frequently, showing you a new color each time you visit. Sometime even showing all four seasons the same day. 


Why travel to Iceland

Make your once in a lifetime trip to Iceland, see the extraordinary landscape, and feel like you have entered a different world. 

The country is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with a tiny population of only 350.000 people. Allowing you to easily enjoy the vast, quiet wilderness. 

The country has been ranked the safest country in the world for the past years and English is widely spoken, making it easy to travel around. 

What to do


  • Head out of the city to see the Northern lights dance in the sky. 

  • Experience the midnight sun, the 24 hour daylight during the summer months. 

  • See the country of ice and fire with your own eyes, see the glaciers, volcanos, black sand deserts and the moss covered lava fields.

The land of ice and fire

​Glaciers and Volcanoes

Located in the north Atlantic ocean, sitting on top of two tectonic plates. Around 10% of the country is covered in glaciers and has 32 active volcanic systems.

Cold and harsh winters, earthquakes and  volcanic activity has greatly affected life in the country through the centuries. Molding the culture and allowing the locals to create opportunities from their challenges. Icelanders have learned to use the volcanic activity in the country to their benefit. Pumping hot water from the earth for heat and energy allowing 85% of Icelandic homes to heated with geothermal energy, and 100% of its electrical power coming from renewable hydro- or geothermal power. 

What to do


  • Glacier hike.

  • Glacier snowmobiling. 

  • Travel into volcano caves or craters.  

  • Hike on top of an volcano.

  • Kayaking on a glacier lake. 

  • Visit geothermal energy exhibition 

Photographer's dream

Visual sensation​

The country has countless different locations with breathtaking scenery. It can often times feel like stepping into another world with completely new surrounding with every area entered.

It is no coincidence that Iceland has been on the top of the bucket list for number of prominent photographers and has been used as a film location for number of major movies and TV series as well as music videos, such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, James Bond, Justin Bieber and Major Lazer music videos, just to name a few

What to do


  • Guided photo tours with a local to the best locations. 

  • Helicopter tours to those hard to reach places. 

  • Use the midnight sun to your advantage and shoot during the night.

  • Capture the northern lights in all their glory  


Sparse yet majestic​

The Arctic fox was the only land mammal in Iceland before humans settled in the country in the 9th century. The rest of the creatures were either marine animals or birds. Today, thousand years later, a wealth of life has adapted to the harsh climate. 

Most animals in Iceland are domestic, such as sheep, cattle, the Icelandic sheepdog and the Icelandic horse. 

The Icelandic horses are not like other breeds, the are smaller than their relatives abroad and you soon see that they are more friendly, intelligent and curious than other horses. These character traits have made them a central part of Icelandic identity. 

The reason for their unique charm is due to their descendants. Only one horse could fit within a Viking longboat when Iceland was first settled. Meaning the settlers took the very best of their stock with them. Therefor, as the settlement period ended, Iceland had a healthy population of the sturdiest, strongest and most intelligent horses from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

They also became noted to have five "gaits" (style of walking, such as the trot and gallop) while other breeds around the world have three or four. 

It is also worth mentioning that Iceland has no mosquitoes.  ​​

What to do


  • Whale watching in the Atlantic.

  • Fly fishing for salmon in the unspoiled nature. 

  • Horseback riding. 

  • Bird watching. 

  • See wild reindeers roam the east side of the country or find seals sunbathing on the west shore.