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Black Desert Travel

In 2017, against the odds, a Saudi and an Icelander found their paths crossed, never to look back. Through our marriage, as our two worlds collided, we found the beauty in uniting our cultures and countries through travel. Despite the clear differences, we realized the common qualities of love for family, love for home, and passion for travel.

To embody this cross-country unity, we named our company Black Desert Travel. While it is no secret that Arabian peninsula is known for their deserts, it is a lesser known fact that Iceland has the largest desert in Europe. Different from the sun-soaked Arabian desert, this desert has black sand and cold climate. The perfect embodiment of our fundamental similarities, yet great differences.



Building a bridge

Black Desert Travel celebrates the differences between the two regions. The climate, landscape and culture offer endless possibilities of new experiences for both sides of the map. After all, its through travel that we expand our horizons, learn about others, and more importantly learn more about ourselves.

So it is our mission to unite these great regions through travel. And we invite you to venture into the unknown, to the land of ice and fire, to Iceland!

Our services

Each traveler is unique, with different needs and desires. We offer personalized, custom made travel packages for each and every traveler. 

Get in touch

Reach out below and we will handcraft a unique travel package for your once in a lifetime adventure. 


Who are we?

We are a small family owned business, a wife, husband and a lifelong friend. Me and my wife met in Switzerland, both of us studying, I in hospitality and her in culinary. Our lives collided through our passion for food and travel. We became fascinated as we got to know each other's countries and cultures, and were heartbroken by the lack of connection between these two amazing worlds, Arabia and Iceland.  

So it became our passion to introduce the two, and as we are now living in Iceland we wanted to first invite our Arabian family to experience with us the breathtaking scenery, extraordinary landscape, and small town charm of our now home country.

So from all of us at Black Desert Travel, we welcome you. 

مليون أهلا وسهلا بكم إلى أرض المغامرة

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