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Duration | As long as you need

Great for couples and groups

Price starts at: EUR 3.280 per person*

All trips are 100% customizable to meet your travel desires. Contact us for your unique trip.

* Prices based on double occupancy for 5 days. Final price depends on customization

Peace, tranquility, stillness

Remember that trip you took a few years ago? That amazing city trip where you experienced so many new things? The food, the people, the history, the culture. Everything was so exciting and new, and when you got home, you were even more tired than you were before you left. When it felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation.

What if you could return home nourished, rejuvenated, well rested and relaxed. Yet still with all the memories from your trip to this spectacular and breathtaking far away land.

On your relaxing trip to Iceland we recommend two options.

• Option 1
Blue Lagoon Retreat and spa

We will arrange for you a luxurious stay at the Blue Lagoon Retreat. Nestled deep in Iceland countryside, the quiet resort is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. With unlimited spa access, private lagoon entrance, and a number of restaurants to choose from. You could check into the Blue Lagoon and never want to leave. With its geothermally warm water, filled with rich minerals that cleanse, rejuvenate and heal the skin. Lounging in the lagoon is an experience like no other.

I feel more relaxed already..

• Option 2
Private cabin in Iceland´s nature

For a more authentic approach, stay in a cabin in the middle of Iceland vast and beautiful nature. Relax like the locals do. Icelanders like to stay in touch with nature, so many of them have cabins not too far from the city where they spend their weekends and vacations. Although a short drive from their homes and busy lives, hopping over to the cabin for a weekend sends them home fully rested and ready for that early Monday morning meeting. But not to worry, with option two you wont be missing out on the blue lagoon. Iceland is full of geothermal water, in fact its how we heat our houses. So instead of spending your whole trip in the lagoon, you can experience the lagoon, and so many more. How about a few days hopping from one lagoon to the other. Be it the Secret Lagoon, Sky Lagoon, Fontana Spa, Hraunlaug hot spring, Krauma or a thermal river in Reykjadalur to name just a few, and guess what your cabin most likely has a hot tub as well. We love our hot springs, and you will too.

However, it would be a shame to travel all this way and only see one part of all the incredible natural wonders Iceland has to offer. If you travel in the summer, there is no better evening than sitting on the deck of your private cabin, watching the midnight sun, breathing the fresh air, and gazing over the vastness of the nature that surrounds you.

In the winter the same can be said about the northern lights, although you might want to have slightly thicker jacket on. The display of lights from the aurora borealis (northern lights) is nothing short of a miracle. As you watch the sky light up with green, white and even purple lights dancing above your head. You can't help but feel like you have entered another dimension. One where miracle not only happen, but they are happening right before your eyes.

Fill your days in Iceland with nature walks, horse back rides, scenic drives, and enjoy the fresh Nordic cuisine. Sample some of the freshest north Atlantic fish, or free roaming lamb that has kept Icelanders fed and happy for centuries.

For your next vacation, do something different, take a break from the beaches, take a break from the cities, take a break from your day to day, take your break in Iceland.

Create your trip to Iceland!

Reach out and we will get started on creating your unique travel experience.

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