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Nature experience

Become one with nature

Duration | 5 - 10 days

Great for solo travel and groups

Price starts at: EUR 3.280 per person*

All trips are 100% customizable to meet your travel desires. Contact us for your unique trip.

* Prices based on double occupancy for 5 days. Final price depends on customization

Become one with nature

Our nature experience allows you to travel deep into Iceland's nature. Feel the energy of the hot springs, power of the volcanoes, and the vastness of the wilderness. Your journey will be filled with once in a lifetime adventures, which take you across the country to see its many different faces.

To fully experience the extent of Iceland's natural wonder, we recommend a trip duration of 5-10 days.

• Day 1
Reykjavík, sightseeing, local food, history.

Your adventure starts in Reykjavik, the northern most capital of the world. To get to know a countries natural beauty, it is important to first get in touch with its culture, history and people. Known for its easy going small town feel, Reykjavík offers downtown walking streets, old harbour, Harpa concert hall, and an array of restaurants and museums. Out of everything the city has to offer, we recommend using your first day going for a Reykjavík food walk, and visiting the settlement museum. Its one thing to see how the locals live now but visiting the settlement exhibition will give you astonishing insight to what life here was like for the Vikings who first settled here more than 1100 years ago.

Once you have gotten to know Iceland's capitol, it is time to venture into the countryside. After all, its the waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, black sand beaches, northern lights or midnight sun that brought you to this far away island in the north. The next days of your journey can be arranged in many different ways, depending on the season, length of stay and your must see locations. All destinations can be reached both as a self-drive with a rental car, by private tours, or group excursions.

• Day 2
Golden Circle, waterfalls, geyser, national park, nature lagoon, local farm.

Being a nature seeker, you probably cannot wait to get out there and explore all those hidden gems. Get away from the crowds and the hustle and fully immerse yourself in the calm yet magnificent landscapes of Iceland. Don't worry, we'll get there. But like any great destination, Iceland has its greatest hits. The must see locations. So we start with the classics, the golden circle is only a short drive from the capital. On this trip you will see the geyser, waterfalls, and the geological wonders of the national park. And for those on a self-drive wanting to get off the beaten track, we can design your route to show you some incredible hidden gems on the way. In addition, this trip can be combined with a number of adventure activities, such as snowmobiling, diving/snorkeling, atv, horse riding, hiking or a relaxing dip in a geothermal natural pool. And finally when all this excitement builds up an appetite, how about a farm visit to a greenhouse tomato farm where you can enjoy a lunch with the freshest locally grown ingredients.

• Day 3
Golden Circle, waterfalls, geyser, national park, nature lagoon, local farm.

Now, lets do something you haven't seen on your Instagram feed. Þórsmörk nature reserve has a spot in every Icelander's heart, and now it will in yours too. Off the beaten track, nestled in a valley surrounded by glaciers and high peeks, Thorsmork has a nature lovers experience like no others. Driving in requires crossing big glacier rivers and once there, an array of hiking paths for all levels, cozy piknik spots, camping grounds and cabins for rent. Take your place among the locals and immerse yourself in Iceland's true nature.

• Day 4
Vestmannaeyjar island trip, puffins, volcano exploration, local experience.

Next lets venture even further from the "big" city to a much much smaller place. Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) are mostly known for their large population of puffins. During spring and summer the island is overtaken by a great gathering of these cute picturesque birds. A lesser known fact about this tiny island is how greatly it was affected by a volcanic eruption. One January morning in 1973 as the islanders slept an eruption started, forcing the entire island's evacuation. Devastatingly devouring almost half of the houses. Once the eruption was over and safety ensured, the islanders returned. And rather than letting this devastate their community and spirits, they rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt their town to its former glory. Now it is a part of their history. So on your trip to Vestmanneyjar, try to look past the puffins (we know its hard, they are incredibly cute) and behind them you will find the strength and beauty of the islander community, who believe it or not, now use the heat from the still warm lava to bake bread. Yes you read that right, they bury dough in the hot lava to bake bread.

• Day 5
Blue Lagoon, volcano, Reykjanes peninsula

On your way back to Reykjavík, and to catch your flight, you go visit Iceland's newest volcano in Fagradalsfjall and Blue Lagoon. Only 30 minutes from the capitol, you can experience the different faces of Icelands volcanic activity. On one hand you can explore the peaceful volcanic eruption that posed as the photographers dream for almost a year. Now it lays still with its lava field still warm to the touch. On the other hand you can bathe in the warm geothermal water that sprouts from Iceland‘s ground. The water is rich with minerals which rejuvenates the skin and relaxes the body, getting you relaxed and ready for your journey home.

More than 5 days

Depending on the length of your trip, this can either be the perfect ending to your nature experience in Iceland, or it is just the beginning. For longer trips you can experience the black sand beach and glacier lagoon, great canyons both natural and man made, cliffs the size of skyscrapers hosting one of the biggest gatherings of birds in Iceland, just to name a few. But don't just take our word for it, reach out to us and you can experience it for yourself!

Create your trip to Iceland!

Reach out and we will get started on creating your unique travel experience.

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