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A destination like no other

Duration | The longer the better

Price starts at: EUR 4.450 per person*

All trips are 100% customizable to meet your travel desires. Contact us for your unique trip.

* Prices based on double occupancy for 5 days. Final price depends on customization

Your once in a lifetime trip, deserves a once in a lifetime destination.

Iceland is not your typical island honeymoon destination, and that's what's so exciting about it. You wont find yourself on the beach soaking up the rays, you wont need to pack the sunscreen, and you‘ll probably need more coats than bathing suits. However, at least you wont have to worry about getting the sand out of your hair.

This is the best part about Iceland as a honeymoon destination. Your honeymoon is THE trip, the one you will remember and reminisce about for the rest of your lives. So make it different, make it unforgettable, make it truly once in a lifetime.

Enjoy the intimate hot springs, beautiful glaciers, majestic landscapes, and striking waterfalls. Get away from the world as you know it and venture out to your private cabin in the middle of the spectacular wilderness. Or check in to your luxury retreat at the Blue Lagoon, with your own private lagoon access. Or even better, reserve your stay at a luxury farm house hotel, nestled deep in the countryside.

Each couple is unique, with unique dreams for their perfect honeymoon. That is why we will tailor your honeymoon to meet your dreams. Whatever your desire, Iceland caters with its own unique twist. That local authentic touch found nowhere else. Be it adventure travel and excitement, stillness and mindfulness in untouched nature, or a romantic spa getaway with your one and only. We will make it happen, just the way you want it.

And how about the photoshoots? What better way to remember your honeymoon in Iceland than with pictures worth more than a thousand words. Book your honeymoon photoshoot on top the largest glacier in Europe, or in front of a gushing geyser, or on the steaming hot lava field of our newest volcano. Whatever your preference, you can be sure it will be your one of a kind.

For your perfect honeymoon, reach out to us and we will tailor make your dream come true honeymoon.

Create your trip to Iceland!

Reach out and we will get started on creating your unique travel experience.

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