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Classic sightseeing

Iceland's greatest hits

Duration | 5 - 10 days

Solo travel or groups

Price starts at: EUR 2.788 per person*

All trips are 100% customizable to meet your travel desires. Contact us for your unique trip.

* Prices based on double occupancy for 5 days. Final price depends on customization

The ultimate bucket list

What was it that sparked your interest in Iceland? Was it the countless Instagram posts? The Inspired by Iceland promotional videos? Or maybe it was the Justin Bieber music video? No seriously, that video did more for Icelandic tourism than all the volcanoes combined. No longer will you need to enjoy these natural wonders through a phone screen. Now you can experience its magnificence first hand. Now, its your turn to post that amazing video on Instagram.

• Day 1
Reykjavík city, local food, whale watching, museums, shopping, northern lights / midnight sun

On your arrival to Iceland you will first explore the capitol, Reykjavík. With only 200.000 inhabitants, Reykjavík is cozy, small, and laid back. Known for its small town feel, colorful houses, downtown walking streets, restaurants and fisherman history, this small city has more to offer than expected.

Use your first day to get to know the ins and outs of this charming little city. Visit one of it‘s many museums, try the fresh local ingredients, do some shopping in one of the malls, or venture out of the city limits on a whale watching tour, departing from Reykjavík's old harbor nestled in the heart of the city. In the evening (depending on the season) you can either embark on a northern lights hunt or visit one of the cities rooftops for a view of the spectacular midnight sun.

• Day 2
Golden circle, Geyser, Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir national park

Now its time for the first track on this greatest hits list. Although we always recommend a self drive of these trips, we can arrange a number of excellent private or group trip to any of the destinations. For your first destination you will get to experience spectacular geological wonders at Thingvellir national park. Followed by the world famous Geyser, spewing its boiling hot water high in the air, and finally one of Iceland‘s biggest waterfalls. Now if that is not enough for a day, you can finish of with a dip in one of the regions geothermal lagoons, have lunch at a green house farm, go snorkeling or diving in one of the clearest waters on earth, snowmobile up a glacier, horse back riding and a show, quad biking or just about anything your heart desires.

• Day 3
South shore, waterfalls, Glacier Lagoon, Diamond beach, great canyons

As you continue your journey east along the south coast, we encourage you to take note of the ever changing and versatile landscapes that will greet you on your way. Iceland is truly a land with many faces. From lush wooden hills, fiery red sand dunes, towering mountain tops, high waterfalls or barren black sand deserts, your drive to the glacier lagoon will include it all. Make sure you take it all in on the way.

Once at the glacier lagoon go for a closer look and sail in between the massive icebergs from Europe's largest glacier, some of which are up to 1000 years old. After, go down to diamond beach for a hands on experience with what once were huge icebergs the size of an apartment buildings, and now ranging from the size of a car all the way to a tiny ice cube, finishing it‘s thousand year journey through the lagoon in the palm of your hand.

• Day 4
Black Sand beach, waterfalls, lava show.

As we start our journey back towards Reykjavík you will visit the volcanic beach, Reynisfjara. Known for its black sand, crushing waves and great scenery. Once there notice the incredible shapes of the rugged cliffs that tower above the beach. These hexagon shaped columns are a unique geological phenomena, creating the magnificent cliff side over the beach and other places in Iceland.

In addition to the black sand beach, your journey back will include waterfalls, lava fields, local villages, and a lava show where you will come face to face with actual real lava. That's right, 1100°C hot, bright red, liquid rock. Feel the heat from this incredible display and learn from the locals about Iceland's long volcanic history and how it has shaped our livelihoods and culture.

• Day 5
Reykjavnes peninsula, volcano, Blue Lagoon, hot springs, return to Reykjavík / departure.

Had enough? Didn‘t think so. On our final descent to Reykjavík lets venture off the beaten track and explore a hidden gem. The Reykjanes peninsula is home to the newest volcano Fagradalsfjall, which was active as recently as 2021. Visiting the still warm lava field is nothing short of spectacular. On your way you can also visit geothermal hot springs and mud pools, explore lava tunnels carved through great lava fields. And finally enter the world famous Blue Lagoon, recharge your batteries and reflect on the amazing adventure you just experience, all the while feeling your skin and body rejuvenated from the rich mineral water in the lagoon.

More than 5 days

For the classic tour it is recommended to travel no less than 5 days. However, the classics are only the tip of the iceberg. In every direction there is a new and exciting sight to explore, activity to experience or a meal to enjoy. For longer trips we recommend a full ring road trip around the country. Visiting Stuðlagil canyon, Mývatn national park, the capital of the north Akureyri, and adventures such as into the glacier, into the volcano, horse back riding in the north and so much more.

Create your trip to Iceland!

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