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Business travel

Black Desert Travel provides an array of company packages, tailored to your business needs. Iceland is not only vast landscapes and easy going culture. In Reykjavík you will find state of the art conference halls, intimate and dynamic meeting rooms, large arenas, and a great variety of cuisines with the freshest ingredient to keep your team energized for optimal productivity.

Why stop there? Experience team building like nowhere else. Nothing brings a team together like treating them to the adventure of a lifetime. Shake up your meeting by diving into Iceland's incredible nature. Instead of an hour lunchbreak, how about a drive to see our newest volcano, a calm forest walk, a thrilling ATV ride, or a luxurious lunch followed by relaxing dip in the Blue Lagoon. Take your team out of the normal to create something truly special.

For inquiries regarding Meetings, Incentives, Conferences or Events please contact our sales team at info (at)

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